Thursday, December 13, 2007

Email Us

Created and maintained by
Mikolas Rankin, Gamer Advisor

Need to speak with someone from Blueberry Bluff privately? Have a question that is too long to be put in the Guest Book? Need a quicker response? Then we have just the thing for you! I have set Blueberry Bluff up with an email address which I feel will enhance our means of communication with other sims communities. It is part of my job as the Gamer Advisor to keep our lovely town up to date with the latest technological and electronical infrastructures, which includes lines of communication.

That being said, email is not the way to contact us for every reason. There are certain instances where you would be better off using email, and other instances where leaving comments on the website would better suit your needs. Outlined below are reasons for each form of communication:

Website Comments
--saying hello to a Blueberry Bluff resident (can be done on their Resident Directory page)
--general comments for Blueberry Bluff as a whole (can be done on the Guest Book)
--simple laws and policies questions (can be done under the Council Notes of that law)
--applying for immigration (can be done in the Office of Tourism)
--comments to any sitizen under the age of Adult (Young Adults and younger do not have access to this email function)
--anything short enough to fit in a comment
--anything that does not require immediate response
--anything that does not give out personal information

Email Comments
--difficult questions that may require more explanation than just a sentence or two
--personal questions for residents or council members
--issues that need immediate response
--issues that contain personal information or attachments
--invitations or events that require an RSVP or response

I am sure that with time, more reasons will become apparent and these lists will be added to or changed. In the meantime, please try to decide carefully which form of communication are met by your needs.

How to email us:
--email address:
--in the subject line, please put Attn: "Name of Resident" only (directs it to correct mailbox)
--include your name, which Sim town you are from, and the email address you would like us to respond to

We look forward to hearing from you soon!