Thursday, December 13, 2007


January 11, 2008:

~Channel 9 News Special Edition now airing
~New and Updated profiles in Resident Directory

January 5, 2008:

~Message from the Mayor

January 3, 2008:

~2 new commercial advertisements from Apple Valley (scroll down to commercials)

December 28, 2007:

~New commercial advertisement from Simmington Hills (scroll down to commercials)

December 27, 2007:

~Council Notes page uploaded
~Mayor's Notes uploaded
~Medical Advisor's Notes uploaded
~Office of Tourism now open
~New and Updated profiles in Resident Directory
~Updated lot profile on Real Estate Directory

December 19, 2007:

~Channel 9 News site uploaded
~News from Simday 1 now airing
~Submit news from your town enabled
~Commercial Advertising now enabled

December 18, 2007:

~Guest Book is open
~Email Us is open
~Resident profiles uploaded to the Resident Directory
~Lot profiles uploaded to the Real Estate Directory

December 17, 2007:

~Laws & Policies updated with new Council info
~Resident Directory updated
~Community Events updated with Election Day

December 13, 2007:

~Laws & Policies page uploaded
~Clubs & Organizations listed