Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interview with Mayor and Council Meeting

Hello and welcome to Channel 9 Eyewitness News, your source for news as it happens. I'm Mayra Stark, your Blueberry Bluff News Reporter. Today there are two news stories from Blueberry Bluff.

As you all know, Blueberry Bluff held it's first City Council Elections on Simday 1. Lucas Eberlee was elected Mayor of Blueberry Bluff, and his four other Council Chairs were decided. I was able to get an interview with Mayor Eberlee soon after his election. In his first interview with the media, Mayor Eberlee answers the questions you want answered.


Mayra Stark: Good afternoon, Mayor Eberlee. Were you surprised when it was revealed that you had won the election for Blueberry Bluff's first Mayor?

Mayor Eberlee: Not at all, Ms. Stark. I have been preparing for this opportunity my entire life, and I feel that I have earned this position and the respect and trust of the sitizens of Blueberry Bluff. I am truly honored.

Mayra Stark: And now that you have the position, what are your plans for your first period in office?

Mayor Eberlee: That is a wonderful question. There are many things right now that Blueberry Bluff is in need of, being a brand new town and all. It is definitely something that my Council Chairs and I will have to decide on. We won't be able to accomplish everything, but we can make a good start and pave the way for future Councils. That being said, I hope to establish a banking system, help encourage and make it possible for sitizens to begin building small businesses, and see to the construction of necessary community buildings such as a hospital and police station.

Mayra Stark: That is a lot of items on your list, Mayor. Do you think the City Budget will allow for all of those things to be completed during your term?

Mayor Eberlee: My Business Advisor and I are working very closely together to insure that we do not go over our Budget. We are trying to come up with ways to make the most of the City's money and still accomplish all of our goals. If we can just provide the foundation, future Councils can expand and add on to them. This town will not become large and prosperous overnight, and we do not expect it to. We are just trying to make it functional as a community and provide all of the necessities to our sitizens.

Mayra Stark: To cushion the Budget, will you be enforcing new taxes? Or adding more fees or fines? What about raising already existing taxes and the like?

Mayor Eberlee: That is definitely a thought. However, for this first period we are going to keep things the way they are. This system seems to work just fine for other towns, and we hope it will for Blueberry Bluff as well. If taxes are raised or added, it will be in the best interest of Blueberry Bluff as a whole, and will be plausible for every sitizen to pay those taxes. We're not trying to bankrupt our residents!

Mayra Stark: Well, thank you Mayor Eberlee for taking the time to answer your sitizens' questions. Congratulations on your new office, and good luck! And may I say, you have a lovely view from your new office!

Mayor Eberlee: *chuckles* Thank you Ms. Stark, it was wonderful talking with you.


The Mayor seemed excited to begin working on the betterment of our lovely town, and we all wish him good luck in his endeavors. Next up on Channel 9 Eyewitness News, the City Council had their first meeting. See what happened, coming up after this commercial break.


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Welcome back. Our next story comes straight from Blueberry Bluff's City Hall where the new City Council just had it's first Council Meeting. Channel 9 Eyewitness News was there in order to bring you the most accurate news from the place you live.


The first ever Blueberry Bluff Council Meeting took place on Simday 1. The entire Council (including Advisors) met in the new meeting room on the first floor of City Hall. This meeting room has been named the Lucas Eberlee Meeting Hall in honor of Blueberry Bluff's first Mayor, Lucas Eberlee. The room can sit 22 people, including the Mayor who sits on the stage overlooking the assembly.

The four other Council Chairs have reserved seats in the front row. The seats are distinguishable by their different color than the other seats; a mark of honor and position.

The room is quite full with people, due to the fact that every single Council Advisor must attend these general Council Meetings. There are a total of 20 Advisors including the Council Chairs and the Mayor. Reporters from the popular Blueberry Bluff media groups are allowed in the room as well.

This first meeting started with a speech from Blueberry Bluff's new Mayor, Lucas Eberlee. He welcomed all of the Advisors, and congratulated the Council Chairs on their new appointment to office. He started out with a brief outline of how the Council meetings would work (adapted from Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure found here).

Then Mayor Eberlee opened the floor for any Advisor who wanted to bring something for discussion. The first Advisor to take the floor was Medical Advisor, Annika Kincade. Ms. Kincade pointed out to the Council the urgency of Blueberry Bluff's need for a hospital. With the already growing number of sitizens, it is a major concern that sufficient medical care is not available to residents. What happens if someone were to get sick, injured, or pregnant? She also proposed that Blueberry Bluff adopt a health insurance policy much like other towns. You can read all about the new Insurance Policy in the Council Notes section of our community website, under Medical Advisor.

Law Enforcement Advisor, Darius Hadley, was the next Advisor to take the stand. Mr. Hadley urged the Council to begin plans to build a police station and jail. Without this facility, crime control in Blueberry Bluff is almost impossible.

Mayor Eberlee took the podium again and proposed a new plan for Child Support, which seems to be a success in other towns as well. Although this plan is not needed at the moment, it will at least be in place should the need arise. You can read all about the new Child Support Law in the Council Notes section of our community website, under Law Advisor. The Mayor also talked more in depth about the details of buying and selling homes in Blueberry Bluff, along with details about renting apartments in the Council-owned properties such as the popular Strawberry Lane Apartments. These notes can be read in the Council Notes section of our community website as well, under Mayor's Notes.

There was much debate in the meeting about all of the issues discussed. It seems everyone had a different opinion about what was most urgent for the community and what could wait until later. In the end, everything was settled. The only thing left to do is for the Business Advisor to review the budget and come up with a plan of action.

It was a pretty successful first meeting of the City Council. But the Council has learned that no matter what you do, you have to do what's best for the community as a whole. You can't make everyone happy.


And that's the news you need to know! Good night everyone, see you tomorrow with the top stories on Channel 9 Eyewitness News!

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