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Laws & Policies

(Most laws were established by Simmerville and other SUN Neighborhoods. These laws have been adjusted to the Blueberry Bluff way of life.)

These laws are subject to change at any time and must be upheld by every sim currently residing in Blueberry Bluff, whether Settled-In or Immigrating.

*Please see the Council Notes and Meeting Minutes for further
explanation on laws and revised laws.

*Effective Simday - 1 (12/13/07)

Mayor and Spokes Sim of
Blueberry Bluff

City Council

(a.k.a The Council, The Assembly, Council Members)

The City Council's positions and their salaries will start immediately upon election.
All money from rents, rights, taxes, fines, fees, and contests are to be
paid to the City Council, to spend towards the upkeep of this
beautiful neighborhood.

Description of Council Positions:
**Advisors listed in red are Council Chairs

Adventure Advisor
Qualifications: Adventure Career, highest community score
Task: Recreation areas
Holder: Shenise Dreiser

Art Advisor
Qualifications: Art Career, highest community score
Task: Aesthetics, visual appeal, general beautifying
Holder: Palben Aldridge

Athletic Advisor
Qualifications: Athletic Career, highest community score
Task: Fitness events and awareness
Holder: Rainee Barnes

Business Advisor
Qualifications: Business Career or Business Owner, highest community score
Task: Local trades and stores, home businesses, import
Holder: Dinsmore Caldwell

Culinary Advisor
Qualifications: Culinary Career, highest community score
Task: Local farming & fishing, restaurants, food production & purchasing
Holder: Olesia Newbury

Education Advisor
Qualifications: Education Career, highest community score
Task: Education, Private schools, University and Continuing Education Courses
Holder: Eliza Livingstone

Gamer Advisor
Qualifications: Gamer Career, highest community score
Task: Electronical infrastructures
Holder: Mikolas Rankin

Homemaker Advisor
Qualifications: Homemaker Career, highest community score
Task: Family values, rights for children and elders
Holder: Avery Collins

Journalism Advisor
Qualifications: Journalism Career, highest community score
Task: Press relations, Blueberry Bluff website, magazines, newspaper editor
Holder: Mayra Stark

Law Enforcement Advisor
Qualifications: Law Enforcement Career, highest community score
Task: Prevent criminality, solve conflicts, BBPD Chief of Police
Holder: Darius Hadley

Law Advisor (Mayor/Spokes Sim)
Qualifications: Law Career, highest community score
Task: Written law expert, Trial Attorney
Holder: Lucas Eberlee

Medical Advisor
Qualifications: Medical Career, highest community score
Task: Health care, Medical Center management
Holder: Annika Kincade

Military Advisor
Qualifications: Military Career, highest community score
Task: Local infrastructure, security, secret operations
Holder: Roland Jenkins

Music Advisor
Qualifications: Music Career, highest community score
Task: Music activities, events, concerts
Holder: Julia Vasser

Natural Science Advisor
Qualifications: Natural Science Career, highest community score
Task: Plants, animals, landscape, community gardens
Holder: Katrina Quigley

Paranormal Advisor
Qualifications: Paranormal Career, highest community score
Task: UFO Association alliance, telescope reports
Holder: Travon Wemple

Politics Advisor
Qualifications: Political Career, highest community score
Task: Foreign alliances, laws, immi-/emigration
Holder: Mia McBain

Science Advisor
Qualifications: Science Career, highest community score
Task: Community library and archives, Archive Librarian
Holder: Dexter Friskin

Show Business Advisor
Qualifications: Show Business Career, highest community score
Task: Live culture and performances, nightlife, entertainment
Holder: Willow Walker

Slacker Advisor
Qualifications: Slacker Career, highest community score
Task: Bars, clubs and interest groups
Holder: Cameron Oswald


~ The Hood Council consists of 5 members. These members are the top 5 Advisors. If less than 5 Community Advisors qualify, the remaining members must be found through regular election.

~ Any adult Sim who lives in Blueberry Bluff can be an Advisor representing their career track. The sim in that career track with the highest community score (skills x political interest x # of friends) is elected to be that career's Advisor. An election is held to determine the top 5 Advisors who will form the City Council, based on community score.

~ The Hood Council member with the highest community score is the Council's leader and the town's Mayor and Spokes Sim.

~ One household can not house more than 2 Community Advisors at the same time.

~ A Council Member can be replaced or impeached due to any of the following reasons: reaching the age of Elder, if they cannot perform their duties for any reason, if they succumb to death, or if they commit some serious transgression of the law.

~ Council members and Advisors hold their position for a total of two periods (14 simdays), unless removed for any of the already mentioned reasons. Elections will be held on the 12th day of the their term to determine new members and advisors. Any sim may run for office for a second term or more, provided they do not become elders during this time.

Council Salaries

~ The Council Advisors are paid §3,000 every 7th simday. The Council Chairs are paid $6,000 every 7th simday (but do not collect the $3,000 Advisor pay). The Spokes Sim is paid §12,000 every 7th simday (but does not collect the Advisor or Chair pay).

Council Owned Properties

Any property paid for by the City Council can be turned into privately-owned businesses. The City Council must approve this transaction. These properties must be used in the same way, for example, the library must remain the library...the only difference is that they are privately-owned by a Sim. No Business Certificate is needed in this case because the new owner will purchase the lot at its full listed price. Therefore, no Business Right will be necessary. The Council will relinquish any responsibility for maintenance and renovations. (*See the Budget and Real Estate Directory, for all Council-owned properties and their listing prices.)


Immigration: We welcome up to 3 new households every 7 simdays.

Emigration: A household can leave Blueberry Bluff at any time, unless money is due to the Council. A Sim is considered a fugitive if he moves to another neighborhood before serving time in jail.


Rent is pre-determined by the owner of the property in accordance with Council laws and housing regulations. Rent is due every 7th simday.


Each household (homeowners only) must pay $2,400 property tax every 7th simday.
$700 property tax every 7th simday, if mortgage is paid off.
$1,000 per student going to University.
$1,000 Immigration tax per household moving in/joining. A one-time payment due on the 7th simday. (Founders are exempt from this tax.)
$5,000 employee tax for every additional employee hired. (The Business Certificate already covers one employee.)
$15,000 Business Certificate (see below for an explanation)
1% of earnings from produce sold on a community lot, outside of a residential farm or home garden.


$1,000 to switch from Public to Private School
$1,000 per wedding at a posh, upscale community lot.
$1000 per funeral for an expensive burial/cemetery location
$500 per wedding at City Hall
$500 per funeral for a cheaper burial/cemetery location
$25 for each pet, whether the pet was adopted through regular adoption, or bought from a resident.


$2,000 if garden/yard is not maintained
$500 - Public Fighting (plus offenders spend two nights in jail.)
$200 - Public Assault
$200 - Vandalism (bubbles in fountain, knocking over garbage cans, etc.)
$100 - Stealing a resident's newspaper
$100 - Disturbing the peace


$70 per period per adult/elder for health insurance
$30 per period per child (under 18) for health insurance
$30 doctor's office copay
$500 deductible

Child Support

--1/2 each child's health insurance
--1/2 child's hospital bills (deductibles and co-pays)
--1/2 maternity related hospital bills (labor and delivery, check-ups, emergency care, etc.)
--1/2 college tax and fees
--20% of income for well-being and miscellaneous expenses (total, not per child)
--due every 7th simday

Council Awards

A University student is awarded $15,000 for graduation, Suma Cum Laude.
$10,000 for graduation, Magna Cum Laude.
$5,000 for graduation, Cum Laude.
(all Founders were exempt from receiving these awards)

Wellfare Program

A household can apply for one-time support of:
$3,000 for special needs
$3,000 one-time payment for an Adoption
$1,000 for buying clothes (kids and teens only)
$1,000 for paying bills and food
$1,000 for emergency healthcare

Sim City Bank

Any Sim can apply for a bank account.

You can choose to buy either a bank book and/or a credit card, and make your bill payments from it, and also keep a savings account.

ATMs will be installed around the neighborhood to allow you easy access to quick cash if you need it, once the bank is up and running.

Any loans taken out will have to be paid in 25 simdays, or the Repoman will pay your home a visit.

Home Ownership Rights

Only Settled-in Sims can purchase a Home Ownership Right.

(*See Politics-Spokes Sim's NOTES for further explanation on Home Ownership Rights.)

Home Ownership Rights include:

Land Right: The right to land on Strawberry Lane costs $5,000 per lot. On Tangerine Avenue, it's $10,000. When the population expands, more streets will be added for residential zoning. Fees will be assessed at that time. A Land Right is connected to a specific address, and the right can be bought, sold, or inherited. A Land Right is paid to the Council and does not include a Build Right, but is required before you buy a Build Right.

Build Right: To make use of a Land Right you will need a Build Right. The Build Right on Strawberry Lane costs $5,000 and on Tangerine Avenue, costs $10,000. This fee is also paid to the Council.

In summary, because you need a Land Right in order to get a Build Right, the total value of a Home Ownership Right on Strawberry Lane is $10,000 and on Tangerine Avenue, it is $20,000. These fees are paid to the Council.

Furthermore, a Sim must have 10% of the listed price of a property available and paid to the Council, in order to purchase that property.

For details on Home Ownership, Selling a property, etc. please see the Mayor's NOTES (Simday 1).

Community Lots

Residents can buy a business after negotiating a deal with the Trades Office, headed by the Business Advisor. A Business Certificate must be purchased.


Business Certificates (BC): A Business Right that is required to run any Community Lot Business.

Anyone can buy a BC and a community lot, they just have to be an Adult or Elder. There is no need for particular skills or job. Running your own business is beneficial to any entrepreneur. The OFB Business Deal came with perks and incentives that make it worthwhile.

You must apply for a Business Certificate by filling out an application with the Business Advisor, at City Hall. When the bank is built, the Business Advisor's office will be moved to that location. This application is approved by the Business Advisor and the type of business is registered and categorized with the Archive Librarian. At this time, there is no limit to how many Community Lot Businesses Blueberry Bluff can have.

Your business certificate will be dedicated to one of the following categories:

Trades (stores selling ie. clothes, groceries, games, magazines, etc.)
Foods (restaurants, cafes, bars)
Pleasure (clubs, amusement, gaming, gyms)
Services (offices, travels, social services, real estate, etc.)
Agriculture (farming, residential lot.)

Your BC will be connected to one particular community/farming lot. Each lot can hold only one BC, and each BC can be used with only one community/farming lot. The BC cannot be moved to a different lot later, neither can the category of the BC be changed. As soon as the BC is connected to a lot it cannot be split. (*See what nullifies a BC below.)

Before your business is running and considered operative, you will need 3 things to get it started:

Business Certificate, $5,000 (tax for operating a business)
Community Lot, $5,000 (the right to use a particular building built on a Community Lot.)
Employee, $5,000 (this amount is due for each employee hired, as a hiring tax.)
All costs except the Employee Tax, are a one-time cost.

The value of the BC will not change over time, but the value of the business will. And, if you pass your operative business onto an heir, the value will still be $10,000 + the current business value +$5,000 per employee. If you sell your business, you must first fire the employee(s), and the value will be just $10,000.

A community/farming lot can be bought from the Hood through purchasing a BC, or a community/farming lot can be purchased from any other local Sim who already owns a community/farming lot. So, any Sim taking over a business after purchasing it from a local Sim, will obtain the BC connected to it, and the category for which it was registered under.

*A Community/Farming Lot can be bulldozed in order to build a different type of lot in it's place, whether community/farming or residential. A bulldozed lot is no longer tied to a BC. To bulldoze a Community/Farming Lot, the owner of the lot business must get approval from the Hood Administration, and pay $10,000 for the excavation. If approved, the money can be transferred right away.

Farm Rights

Although Farming Rights are required for serious farming, you don't need them to just grow a little in your back yard. Any homeowner/renter is allowed to grow up to 5 plots of land, which normally equals 5 plants. This is enough to add to the household budget, but nothing more. Depending on what plant you choose, you will make up to $12 per plot, per simday.

A farm needs at least 4 Farm Rights, which allows a farmer to grow quite a bit of produce, and will generally need at least two Sims working the land.

Any produce sold outside of a residential farm, or home garden, ie. on a community lot, requires that 1% of those earnings be paid to the City Council in a Produce Tax. See Taxes above.

Each Farm Right allows for 5 more plots of land to be grown:

0 Farm Rights: up to 5 plots
1 Farm Right: up to 10 plots
2 Farm Rights: up to 15 plots
3 Farm Rights: up to 20 plots
4 Farm Rights: up to 25 plots
5 Farm Rights: = Farm Status, unlimited, but minimum 50% of produce must be one chosen product, the other 50% can be mixed.

The value for a Farm Right is $1,000, per Farm Right. Rights can be passed on through inheritance, traded, or sold. To ensure no lot owner holds Farm Rights without growing anything, inactive Farm Rights must be made available to others for $1,000 after 7 simdays of inactivity.

To start farming:

- Purchase Farm Rights if planting more than 5 plots.
- a BC (Business Certificate) is required if purchasing a Farm to live on. Contact the Business Advisor and he will trace the available Farm Rights and Business Certificates.

*A homeowner/renter can purchase up to 20 plots on his residential lot, without his home being regarded as a farm.*

Charitable Donations

Any household can decide to give money in charitable donations to any organization or business they choose, for whatever amount they choose, but they must do so without seeking favors from said organization or business.


The City Council and any other community group has the right to organize contests and fundraisers to raise money for the use in community projects.

Laws of Inheritance

Possessions are officially transferred from Possessor(s) to Heir(s) on the day the Possessor dies. Any tangible item(s) that are handed out in advance must be registered with the Archive Librarian, and will be taken into account on that final day.

The Inheritance is the sum of all possessions. Including houses, cars, networth, accounts, rights, and businesses. Inheritance is automatically divided between the deceased's family and friends. This distribution is automatically set up by the laws of SimCity, and has no bearing on Blueberry Bluff and its Administration.

The Heirloom, however, is the division of all tangible item(s), like houses, cars, and furniture. The Heirloom is regulated through Blueberry Bluff and its Administration, and is required to be reported to the Archive Librarian.


Possessor is the one who passes on his valuables to his heirs. If the Posessor is married for more than 10 simdays, they will each normally own 50/50 of the heirloom. If the spouse is still alive, the heirs won't neccesarily receive their heirloom. Heirs can get their heirloom by means of the Chain of Inheritance. (*See below.)


The Law of Inheritance deals with the total values. Inheritance is equally shared by all heirs. Regarding the Heirloom, the possessors (and heirs) are free to decide what item shall be inherited by what heir. If there are no such decisions, the Chain of Inheritance goes into effect.

Chain of Inheritance:

1. Spouse: Required: If the spouse has been married to the deceased for at least 10 simdays, the spouse owns 50% of the heirloom. The other 50% can be distributed through the remaining Chain of Inheritance. The spouse of the deceased can decide to "step back" from his/her heirloom, so that the children may gain more than their rightful due, however the children must provide the widowed Sim with a place to live.

2. Children: All children of the deceased Possessor. Includes adopted children and any children born outside of the marriage (if the deceased has claimed them.)

3. Siblings: If there is no spouse, and there is no children, all sisters and brothers of the Possessor will inherit the heirloom.

4. Friends: If there are no siblings and no children or spouse, then the heirloom is divided up between the deceased's friends.

5. Administration: If none of the above, the heirloom value is taken by the City Council.

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