Thursday, December 13, 2007

SUN Acceptance

Lucas Eberlee
Mayor and Spokes Sim

I would like to be the first to announce that as of Simday 3, Blueberry Bluff is an official SUN Neighborhood! We are very excited to be a new member of SUN, and promise to work hard to bridge the gap between Sims-to-Sims communities. We look forward to meeting sims from all over the world and working together to make a wonderful world to live in and prosper! Thank you for this wonderful honor, and congratulations to the City of Blueberry Bluff and all its residents!

(For those who do not know what SUN is, please visit the SUN website for more information.)

1 comment:

Sabien said...

It's official! Let me be the first to congratulate you Mayor Eberlee and all your residents!

This is indeed a joyous occasion!

Judge Sabien Cunningham, Sr.
Mayor/Spokes Sim
Simmington Hills