Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mayor's Scandal

Hello and welcome to Channel 9 Eyewitness News, your source for news as it happens. I'm Mayra Stark, your Blueberry Bluff News Reporter. Today's news report is a special edition and we are only covering one story.

It is well known gossip by now that there is a scandal concerning Mayor Eberlee. It is more of a moral scandal as opposed to one of political nature, however it is a scandal that everyone is talking about nonetheless. And Channel 9 Eyewitness News was the first to interview Mayor Eberlee concerning this matter. But first, let me re-cap what has happened this period that brought about this story. This is the true story of The Mayor's Scandal.


The Mayor's Scandal is the most talked about story during this period. It first started when a Blueberry Juice photographer caught the Mayor and his lover in the act. The photo's made the front page of the magazine and a record number of copies sold within the first 24 hours that it hit the stores.

Who is the lucky lady, you ask? She is none other than Olesia Newbury, Culinary Advisor and City Council Chair. Mayor Eberlee and Ms. Newbury met during the first Blueberry Bluff elections of course, but their first encounter with each other outside of the office or council meetings was at the Livingstone/Rankin secret wedding (also mentioned in the Blueberry Juice). There were reports from other guests that Mayor Eberlee and Ms. Newbury were not getting along that night. They couldn't seem to find anything to talk about, and even ended up in a rather immature argument in which the Mayor was seen "plugging his ears like a five-year-old".

Rumors started flying the next morning however, when it was reported that Mayor Eberlee stayed over at Ms. Newbury's house that night. The couple was seen that morning saying goodbye in a rather affectionate manner.

Later that day, Mayor Eberlee stopped by Ms. Newbury's home once again. It was during this encounter that the Blueberry Juice photographer captured the now famous photograph that is on the front page of the magazine. It is of Mayor Eberlee and Ms. Newbury in a passionate embrace, that ought not to be open for public viewing in my opinion. However, here it is:

Now, normally the Mayor's personal relationships would not warrant this much gossip in the community. However, this love affair took another turn that have residents of Blueberry Bluff in a state of shock and outrage. Reports came in that Ms. Newbury was pregnant, and that the father was none other than Mayor Eberlee. In such a conservative community, the fact that they were not married and expecting a child, along with the fact that Mayor Eberlee is our leader and Spokes Sim and thusly expected to behave in a respectable manner, caused outrage and outcry from the community.

Once the initial shock and anger subsided, the community's focus turned to whether Mayor Eberlee was going to step up and take responsibility for his actions, as well as whether he was going to recognize the child as his own and care for it as he should. Mayor Eberlee has never made a formal statement about his relationship with Ms. Newbury or their assumed child, however his actions have spoken louder than words ever could. Mayor Eberlee was present at the birth of the child (a little girl whom they named Brittany) and even gave the baby girl the last name of Eberlee. He also stayed with Ms. Newbury as much as possible once they brought the baby home. Eyewitness reports were saying that the Mayor was completely besought with his new little baby, and openly happy and loving with her.


Brittany Eberlee soon had her toddler birthday, and the Mayor invited Channel 9 Eyewitness News to her birthday party. He is finally ready to give a statement about the goings on in his personal life, and wants to clear up some of the falsities that have been spreading around. Mayor Eberlee, along with Olesia Newbury, agreed to an interview with me during their daughter's birthday party. Stay tuned for his first public appearance since the birth of his daughter, after this commercial break.


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Welcome back. Coming up is Mayor Eberlee's first public appearance since his moral scandal, and he wants to set the record straight about what happened and what his plans are for the future.


Here we are at Brittany Eberlee's first birthday party. Her parents, Mayor Lucas Eberlee and Olesia Newbury are in attendance, as are several other prominent sitizens of Blueberry Bluff. Mayor Eberlee appeared excited and happy as he brought his daughter to her birthday cake.

Brittany Eberlee transitioned into a very pretty toddler, and both of her parents couldn't be prouder. I must say, watching those three together, you'd think they were a traditional family.

After the festivities died down, I was able to sit down with the Mayor and Ms. Newbury along with their daughter for a short interview:

Mayra Stark: Thank you for inviting me and Channel 9 News to this lovely birthday party, Mayor Eberlee and Ms. Newbury.

Mayor Eberlee: It is our pleasure Ms. Stark. I am very happy to finally have the opportunity to sit down and tell the sitizens of Blueberry Bluff exactly what has been going on with the recent events.

Mayra Stark: That is wonderful to hear. So, let's get right down to business then, shall we? Why did it take you so long to make a statement to your public about this "scandal"? Didn't you know your sitizens were demanding an answer?

Mayor Eberlee: I heard all of the rumors going around, yes. I even purchased a copy of the Blueberry Juice to read what people were saying. However, some things in life are private and meant to be cherished. I wanted, nay...needed to take some time and cherish my time with my family.

Mayra Stark: That is actually one of the reasons why the sitizens of Blueberry Bluff wanted answers, Mayor...your family. Isn't it true that you and Ms. Newbury are not married, yet had a child together?

Mayor Eberlee: Yes, that is true.

Mayra Stark: And do you not think that it sets a bad example for the community to engage in such practices outside the constitutions of marriage? This is the lone reason that the community has responded to your "love affair".

Mayor Eberlee: I understand those are the views of the community as a whole. However, there is no law against having a child outside the confines of marriage. That being said, Olivia's pregnancy was not planned by either party and all precautions were taken to avoid such an occurrence. But nature took it's course and we now have a beautiful daughter that neither of us would trade for anything in the world. I do not regret any decisions we made in our relationship, but I do apologize if we have offended anyone in the ways of our private life.

Mayra Stark: And Ms. Newbury, when you found out that you were expecting...were you at all concerned about how Mayor Eberlee would take the news? Were you afraid he would run out on you?

Olivia Newbury: Oh heavens, no! By the time Brittany was conceived, Lucas and I were very much in love and I knew that he would be thrilled to hear of my pregnancy. I knew that it would mean some trouble for us, politically speaking. But from the moment I told Lucas, we knew that it was meant to be. He proposed to me that night.

Mayra Stark: So you are now engaged? When do you plan to get married? One would have assumed you would have gotten married before your baby was born...why the wait?

Mayor Eberlee: Well Ms. Stark, we are planning to have our wedding on Simday 8; that's the tentative date. As for our reasons for waiting, there are a few. First of all, we knew that the community would take it even harder had we quickly arranged an impromptu wedding and then had a baby the next day. Not to mention that Olivia wanted to be back in shape so she could buy a beautiful wedding dress! Secondly, we both live in separate apartment buildings right now, and needed some time to get our affairs in order before moving in together. We were also hoping to save up money the rest of this period and buy a home at the beginning of Period 2. And lastly, we wanted to do things the right way; so we are in the stages of planning a huge wedding to kick off our life together.

Mayra Stark: So at this time, you are still not living together? Are you planning to have any more children before your wedding?

Mayor Eberlee: *chuckles* That is correct, we are not living together at the moment. As for the second question, we are not planning on having anymore until after we married and settled into a home. But one never knows what fate has in store for you. So I cannot truthfully answer that question!

Mayra Stark: Well, thank you for choosing Channel 9 News as your first public appearance since this came to light. I must say that you three look like a darling family, and no matter how it came about I'm sure it's for the best. Everything is looking up for you, and I'm sure our public will appreciate your honesty in this very personal matter!


They're such a lovely family and we wish them all the best in the future, although I'm sure they'll be on our top stories once again! And that's the news you need to know! Good night everyone, see you tomorrow with the top stories on Channel 9 Eyewitness News!

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Sabien Cunningham, Sr. said...

Wow, Lucas. I had no idea you were going through so much. We're colleagues, you should've confided in me.

I'm glad to see all the drama has died down and you and your fiance have a beautiful baby girl! They sure do grow fast, man. Enjoy these years. Let me know when the wedding is, maybe me and wife can visit.

Your friend,