Thursday, December 13, 2007

Olesia Newbury

Olesia Newbury
41 Simdays Old


Aspiration: Knowledge

Zodiac: Cancer

Personality: Neat, Shy, Active, Serious, Nice

Turn Ons: Swimsuits and Red Hair

Turn Off: Facial Hair


Skill Points: 12

Friends: 4

Culinary - Hostess
Council - Culinary Advisor and Council Chair


Strawberry Lane Apartments, Unit 6


Last Updated: Simday 7

Life Line:
1 Moved to Blueberry Bluff
1 Rent apartment at Strawberry Lane Apartments, Unit 6
1 Elected to Culinary Advisor Position
1 Elected to City Council Chair
1 New job - Dishwasher
2 Promotion - Drive Through Clerk
2 Fell in love with Mayor Lucas Eberlee
3 Engaged to Mayor Lucas Eberlee
5 Gave birth to baby girl - Brittany Eberlee
6 Promotion - Fast Food Shift Manager
6 Brittany became a toddler
7 Promotion - Hostess

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