Thursday, December 13, 2007

Strawberry Lane Apartments (17-20)

Strawberry Lane Apartments
404 Strawberry Lane
Units 17-20

Simday 1


--4 2-Bedroom Apartments
--Fridge and Stove in each unit
--Toilet, Tub, and Sink in each unit
--Wall Telephone in each unit
--Light Fixtures included
--Open patio in each unit

Rental Information:

--$800 per period (every 7th simday)
--Please call Dinsmore Caldwell at 555-9034,
or visit his office at Sim City Bank on Main Street

Current Residents:

Travon Wemple, Unit 17

Mia McBain, Unit 18

Dexter Friskin, Unit 19

Unit 20


The Strawberry Lane Apartments were built on Simday 1 by the first Blueberry Bluff City Council.

Time Line:

1 Built by City Council
1 Travon Wemple moved into Unit 17
1 Mia McBain moved into Unit 18
1 Dexter Friskin moved into Unit 19

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