Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome from the Mayor

Lucas Eberlee
Mayor and Spokes Sim

On behalf of the City Council of Blueberry Bluff, I would like to say welcome and thank you for choosing to make our lovely town your home! The City Council is working hard to meet all the needs of our sitizens, and every voice is heard. We would all like to see Blueberry Bluff grow into a sprawling and successful community, and we are taking measures to reach that goal. Already, we have seen to the construction of some of City Hall and are planning the construction of some core buildings for the community: the Hospital, Police Station, Elementary and High Schools, for example. New apartment buildings have been built (thanks to the wonderful contractors and builders from our neighbors at Harper's Cove), and are already almost full! Please check the real estate listings for more information on these buildings. You can also contact our Office of Tourism or our Business Advisor if you are interested in renting one of the apartments. The City Council has a full agenda for Simdays 1-7, and we would love for you to be a part of our growing community! Remember, if you plan on moving to Blueberry Bluff, please register with the Office of Tourism website. Hope to see you in town!

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